Devine Jamz Gospel Network: New Music Reviews

Angela Johnson-Neely – ‘Good Morning Lord’

Silk & Hagen Roesler – ‘Chainbreaker’

CYB – “Today We Ready”

Deshawn Forrest – ‘Automatic’

David Billingsley – “House of David Volume 1”

James Fairchild & Alex VanTrue – ‘Replay’

Peter Stewart – ‘Peace Can Become More Than Just A Word’

Paul Gilbert – ‘So I Can Bloom

Traliece B. – ‘Forever Love”

Patrick Foreman & Family – ‘I’m Calling On You’

Rick Fusion – ‘Moving On’

UG Frank – ‘Baba You Too Much’

Brother H-963 – “Declare His Glory

Instruments Of Musick – ‘Give It To You

Taylor Fleming – “A Book About Birds”

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