Klipht0n, also known as Taylor Valery, is a music A&R, producer and writer. Born in Austin, TX on June 15, 1992 to Brenda Axel and Timothy Taylor. His mother sang in gospel group The Addison Singers, and his father protects and serves.

While working on assignment at Facebook in 2018, he made HomageCollage to honor music and its makers. In 2019, he joined Devine Jamz to write music reviews. In 2020, he served students with College Forward through AmeriCorps. And in early 2021, he teamed with Song Hero to help with social analysis.

Today Kliph continues his lit journey with gratitude, faith and trust.

Please enjoy, and thank you for stopping by.

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.”

Stevie Wonder

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