Being With You

Since we have met
I’ve fallen in love with you
More than a hundred times
And for more than a hudred reasons
I can think about all the happy times to come
I fall in love all over again, B
I love you for who you are
And for the things you do and say

But most of all
Because you love me for who I am
And for the things I do and say

I love the way we make love
With our minds when we’re apart
With our eyes when we look at each other
When we hold hands
With our bodies
And most of all

If for just a few seconds, B
I’d wrap my arms around you and
Forget about everything else and
The rest of my life after that moment

Everyday I can’t help but to smile
Just knowing you’re in my life
Means everything to me

So don’t ever not for a split moment
Think that there’s any other in my eye site
Cause, I only have eyes for you
There’s no other woman on the same level
You make me complete
If love is a drug
Then I’m addicted to you
I love you, B


Published by Klipht0n

I Was Here.

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