15 Soliloquy

1. Loved this WO Man for eternity
2. The pain that I feel because they aren’t here anymore
3. A loss of companionship and security
4. Loneliness, lying in bed staring at that empty spot
5. Plain pressure, because I just don’t know what to do
6. Insecure thinking I just can’t do it without them
7. Doubt in my mind about everything

Allows the Sun

8. Awake NOW – I know what I can do seeing the sunshine
9. Being Strong, knowing everything is alright
10.Realization – knowing I will see my Honey again
11. Knowing I will survive
12. DETERMINATION is the key to help me
13. Survive – knowing my Creator is there to guide me
14. In the nature and the nurture
15. If I just listen


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I Was Here.

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