Remembering the Time

The day we met, I died to myself,
you did too,
I know.

You loved me quickly.
Saw me for me-
cuffed me faster than the law did Sandra.

Spent every night with you since then.
History being made, not bland like your last.
You made me see me for me too-
I hated that.

Got so much love for you,
my mind made no decision without you.
Tragic I suppose.
Lonely, I am not, however.

I love you like they love to lie to themselves.
The essence of you is a supplement.
I am a ghost until you greet me.
Love me.

Caress me.
Penetrate me.

We work out so well,
like garlic butter mashed potatoes.
Like soap and water.
Like peach white owls under the sunset.

Let’s keep growing.
I love this.
I know you do.

Published by Klipht0n

I Was Here.

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