To be a fool for you would be a waste of his time: 

he loves you beyond your flaws, 

yet you still are blind.

All he wants is to be held by your doughy eyes;

show him you care as he prepares your world of tranquil when you arrive. 

Is it that you’re too upset with your progress in life?

Do you not like who you are?

But, he encourages you to leap into your destiny –

that is not enough.

Sulking is your bestie.

Fuck that, be a trendsetter.

He loves you, they all do.

Relax and open your mind and heart.

Allow yourself to succeed.

Reciprocity is always on the wish list.

Ask him, he’ll deny it be an issue.

Is it because he’s in love…

Or just so damn stupid.

Published by Klipht0n

I Was Here.

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