(Inn Time)

Sunday, pure energy
Give me strength, my kin tree
Faith & Trust, still standin’
Greatness, no hold handin’

Monday, nourish me
Break it down, help me see

Tuesday, protect & restore
BB is water, womb and more

Wednesday, switch it up!
Learn some more

Thursday, being here today
Its a light show
That’s what the guru say
God lead the way

Friday, Venus say prowess sway
Sex shine like all the way
Radiant, engaged, happy, own stage
(but that’s errday) errday, errday

Then Saturnday set it straight
Sometimes renegade, I got my ways
I got my days, (and that’s okay) still I-

I think it, I do it
(not always, but when I choose it)
iPut my heart into it
I’m Dada (and Mama!)
Creating from the fluid
iPut my art into it
No matter who you do it

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